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The Great Flower Exchange.

Hi. I'm new to this so forgive me if I get it wrong! I am looking for people willing to contribute to an interactive snail mail exchange.
You must make a paper flower (hopefully the instructions for which will appear below!) and post it to me at -
Flower Exchange
Byam Shaw School of Art
2 Elthorne Road

Please leave a return address and I will then post you a flower created by another contributor.

I would be so grateful if people helped make this project!! thank you! x x

The starting piece must be square (post-it notes are ideal!)

Fold the paper in half -point to point.

Fold the left and right points up to the top.

Fold down the top two points so that the edges align.

this is a little tougher - you have to open up the fold and then flatten it down.

Fold the points over.

Fold the lower edge of the triangle up to the top so that the edges are aligned.

Glue the two risen areas together. this will create one petal.
You have to repeat these steps five times. Once you have the five petals you simply have to glue them all together.
You should have a flower that looks like these...

Happy Folding!!!! x x x x x x
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